15330 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44135

Phone: 216.635.9552
Monday - Thursday 11AM-8PM
Friday - Saturday 11AM-10PM
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Our Story

West Anchor Tattoo is a Cleveland based tattoo shop with over 40 combined years tattooing. While having a knack for traditional tattoos, we can tattoo anything. Our goal is to give you a tattoo that looks like a tattoo.

Click on one of our images below to see some of the tattoos the shop has been doing.

Tattoos Carl has done


Carl has been tattooing since 2008.

Carl's Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - Saturday

Carl's Instagram:

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Tattoos Nathan has done


Nathan has been tattooing since 2010.

Nathan's Hours: Wednesday after 2, Thursday - Saturday

Nathan's Instagram:

Email Nathan here:

Tattoos Mike has done


Mike has been tattooing for more than 20 years!

Mike's Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday after 3, Friday after 3 and Saturday

Email Mike here:

Tattoos Shawna has been doing


Shawna has been tattooing since 2011.

Shawna's Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday after 3, Friday after 3 and Saturday

Email Shawna here:

Tattoos Dustin has been doing


Dustin has been tattooing since 2002.

Dustin's Hours: 12 PM to 8 PM Monday - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Dustin's Instagram:

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Check out Dustin's Web site:

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Get Whatcha Get!

How it works:
You pay $40 up front and draw from the treasure chest of images for a get whatcha get piece of work. Click the chest to see some samples of what we've done for our get whatcha getters.

More cool stuff


Even more cool stuff:
We now offer T-shirts, After Inked and Aquaphor after care tattoo products!

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15330 Brookpark Rd.
Cleveland OH 44135
Phone: 216.635.9552

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